Many people try for months to lose weight, but they never seem to make progress. The human body is a very complicated machinery and considering the diversity, not all “weight loss tips” can be applied to people in general. We just react differently on certain processes, and our body consistently finds the ways to fight the changes. You are trying to lose weight, but you aren’t seeing the results, here is what you have been doing wrong.

Eating too many proteins

We all know how proteins are important and how they in some situation can help us lose weight. But, if you eat too much of them, the excess will go into fat. If you often use high protein shakes and bars, you won’t be able to reduce your weight because they are full of sugars. Based on some research, women need only 46 g of protein during the day.

Skipping the vegetables

The Biggest Weight Loss MistakesDuring your weight loss process, vegetables are probably the only food which will keep you sated. If you have a habit of skipping them, then you won’t get that far in your diet and, in the end, you will start eating food which is not good for you. If you want to see the progress with your weight loss, you need to implement vegetables in your diet. Two-thirds of your meal should be low – carb vegetables and one-third protein.

Having juice of breakfast

Juice is the worst possible thing you can have in the morning. Considering its full of sugar, it will increase the level of insulin in your body, making it store the fat. You will be hungry in no time, and you will overeat later. In the morning, you should eat proteins and fibers, such as eggs and whole grain toast.

Don’t stop after the initial weight loss

Most people lose the biggest amount of their weight during the first weeks. What they don’t understand is that they only throw out the water and fat remains in their body. You should give up once you lose a couple of pounds during the first week, your fight with calories is just starting. Don’t get discouraged and lazy, think about your goal. Sometimes the second stage is much more challenging because you will be losing weight much slower and your progress won’t be that visible. The most important thing is to be persistent.