Alhambra CERT II Certification


1.CERT II Qualifications – goes beyond LA-CERT requirements

1.1.Pass American Red Courses

1.1.1.Red Cross Shelter Operations – current requirement of three courses with banner title of “Shelter Training for Partners” – at no cost“An Overview (replaced “Fulfilling Our Mission” and “Mass Care” courses) Operations Simulation

1.1.2.Standard First Aid with CPR/AED - ~$65+

1.2.Complete CERT Forms Drill                       

1.3.Complete ICS, Incident Command System 100, 200, and 700 courses - #3 below     Highly recommended to complete prior to training on January 21.

2.Why CERT Level 2? You will be eligible for following positions:

2.1.Neighborhood CERT Leader

2.2.Station Director (pass Live Scan, interview, leadership skills)

2.3.Disaster Corp member – eligible to be sent elsewhere in the state of California

3.CERT II (Parts 2 of 3)

3.1.1.CERT forms drill

3.1.2.ICS, Incident Command System 100, 200, 700 course levels – 100 course, Introduction to ICS, Incident Command System (3 hours online): 700 course (3 hours online), Introduction to NIMS, National Incident Management System (3 hours online):         ICS 200 course, Supervisor Training (3 hours online): (Note ICS 100 is a prerequisite course and ICS 700 is highly recommended “prereq”)