Training Nutrition Guide – What To Eat Before, During And After Workout

Training Nutrition Guide – What To Eat Before, During And After Workout

We all know how eating is important, but, do you know what to eat and when to eat, especially when you are working out? In this article, we are going to explain you some basic steps and guide you through nutrition training, so your workout would have an effect.

Workout diet

Most people exercise to stay fit or to lose some weight. If you don’t implement proper diet during your workout, you won’t be able to notice progress. So, if you plant to workout, you should eat at least two hours before. During the training, you should consume only water, it will help you stay hydrated, and after a workout, you should wait two hours before you eat something. If you create this type of eating habits, you will be able to see the result very soon.

Focus on food quality and quantity

Focus on food quality and quantityDepending on your needs, you will need to adjust the quality and amount of the food, if you want to achieve the best results. People, in general, have modest goals, they want to stay in shape, or they want to lose weight. You need to able to recognize which type of food works best for you. But, you will want to eliminate, carbs, fats, and fast food. Today on the market you can buy almost anything, and there are some really great replacements for the mentioned food. Of the of the best way to keep your diet in check is to prepare your meals by yourself. This can be hard if you aren’t too keen on cooking, but at least you will eliminate harmful ingredients. Another important matter to discuss is the size of your portion. Adjust the size based on your body constitution.

Nutrient timing isn’t for everyone

Even though many nutritionists suggest who nutrient timing is important, the latest research has proven that it doesn’t affect your training or weight loss. This can only sabotage your success and make you even more nervous, especially if you are trying to lose some weight. Your only goal should be proper training and adequate diet.

The Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes

The Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes

Many people try for months to lose weight, but they never seem to make progress. The human body is a very complicated machinery and considering the diversity, not all “weight loss tips” can be applied to people in general. We just react differently on certain processes, and our body consistently finds the ways to fight the changes. You are trying to lose weight, but you aren’t seeing the results, here is what you have been doing wrong.

Eating too many proteins

We all know how proteins are important and how they in some situation can help us lose weight. But, if you eat too much of them, the excess will go into fat. If you often use high protein shakes and bars, you won’t be able to reduce your weight because they are full of sugars. Based on some research, women need only 46 g of protein during the day.

Skipping the vegetables

The Biggest Weight Loss MistakesDuring your weight loss process, vegetables are probably the only food which will keep you sated. If you have a habit of skipping them, then you won’t get that far in your diet and, in the end, you will start eating food which is not good for you. If you want to see the progress with your weight loss, you need to implement vegetables in your diet. Two-thirds of your meal should be low – carb vegetables and one-third protein.

Having juice of breakfast

Juice is the worst possible thing you can have in the morning. Considering its full of sugar, it will increase the level of insulin in your body, making it store the fat. You will be hungry in no time, and you will overeat later. In the morning, you should eat proteins and fibers, such as eggs and whole grain toast.

Don’t stop after the initial weight loss

Most people lose the biggest amount of their weight during the first weeks. What they don’t understand is that they only throw out the water and fat remains in their body. You should give up once you lose a couple of pounds during the first week, your fight with calories is just starting. Don’t get discouraged and lazy, think about your goal. Sometimes the second stage is much more challenging because you will be losing weight much slower and your progress won’t be that visible. The most important thing is to be persistent.

Top 4 Desserts To Help You Fight Sweet Tooth

Top 4 Desserts To Help You Fight Sweet Tooth

The first thing that crosses our mind when we think about weight loss is eliminating sugar and sweets. This probably the most difficult part for most people, considering how addicted we are to sweets. But, there are actually some deserts which will help you lose weight, and you still can enjoy them if you have a sweet tooth.

Greek yogurt parfait

Yogurt is an excellent for your diet, especially if you are trying to lose some weight. For this purpose, you should use none fat frozen Greek yogurt combined with high fiber fruits, like raspberries or blueberries. You can top this parfait with ground nuts for crunchy appearance. In average, yogurt has 9 g of sugar, 20 g of protein and around 120 calories, which isn’t that bad. This desert will calm down your need for sweets, and you won’t endanger your diet.

Make a granola

Make a granolaMost brands market granola as a diet product, and it has a reputation as a healthy snack. But, if you aren’t careful, it can do a lot of damage to your waistline. The granola bars you find in stores are full of sugar, and they can even induce hunger. Once you have one bite, you won’t be able to stop. The best way to avoid this type of situation is to make your granola bars. You can put oats, dried fruits and a little of honey and there you are your desert.

Natural energy bar

Instead of using candy bars from the shops, there are many healthy alternatives you can use, like making an energy bar. You can mix flavors, for example, use nuts and combine them with dark chocolate. Even though they resemble actual candy bars, they are much heartier and dark chocolate contains a really low amount of sugar.

Eat frozen grapes with almonds

Fruits are natural snacks and sweets, fruit contains fructose, a high potency sugar, but that’s completely harmless for your body. Grapes are fruits which are high in sugar, but low in fibers and they will sate your desire for sweets and almonds will prevent your level of insulin to increase.

How To Balance Your Diet And Lose Weight

How To Balance Your Diet And Lose Weight

If you are working on a weight loss, you probably want to see fast results. Sometimes is not that easy to lose weight, especially if you have a slow metabolism and you don’t have an iron will. Many people starve themselves, and this is one of the biggest mistakes you will ever make. In this way, fats will only store in your body, making the weight loss a continuous process. Use our top tips and tricks, to make your body weight disappear.

Diet combined with exercises

Based on numerous research, if you burn 500 calories more that you eat every day, you will be able to notice the progress during the first week. In this way, you should lose at least 2 pounds. If you want to lose more weight, you will need to reduce the intake of food and exercise more. For example, if your daily intake of food is around 1,200 calories and you workout one hour per day, you should lose up to 5 pounds during the first week. It is really important not to cut back the calorie intake below 1,200 because you will endanger your health. Limit sweets and salt and increase fluids and you will notice results in no time.

What should you eat

It is crucial not to skip meals; you should have five meals during the day. If you want to achieve a rapid weight loss, you should focus more on vegetables, fruits, meat and fish and avoid using carbs, sweets, and pastry. Vegetables will help you feel sated, drinking a lot of fluids will keep your body hydrated, and meat will give you much needed the energy to fight everyday challenges. Get the tempting food away from your house and try to stay busy. Physical activity is one of your best allies to fight the fats and obesity.

Control your hunger

If you want to lose weight, you shouldn’t  keep the diets that will starve you. At any moment, you should feel sated. This is why the choice of food comes as an important factor. Make your menu and stick to it.

The Top Foods That Will Burn Your Fat

The Top Foods That Will Burn Your Fat

One of the most important things is to boost your metabolism when you are trying to lose some weight. There are particular types of food which have a thermogenic effect, and they will help you burn down the fats. When they are combined with proper exercise, you don’t have to starve yourself if you want to reduce your body weight. So, if you are ready to balance your diet, here is what you should eat.


TurmericTamarind is a fruit which is very popular in India and used in many native dishes. Recent research has linked this fruit to weight loss. Some studies have proven that tamarind decreases the appetite and in the same way controls the serotonin level which is connected to satiety. This fruit will help you burn fats faster and disable new fat cells to create in your body. So, if you are not familiar with Indian cousin, start experimenting.


Turmeric falls into a category of spices, and it is one of the most powerful natural antibiotics. It decreases inflammation process in your body, but turmeric can also lower down inflammation processes in your fat cells. Maybe you didn’t know this, but yes, fat cells can get inflamed. Considering that Turmeric has curcumin, the active pigment which gives it a yellow color, this spice can significantly reduce your weight and stop your body from accumulating more fats. It doesn’t have any particular taste, you can add it to dishes and drinks, they will only change color.

Tomato juice

Tomato juiceWho would have thought that one glass of Bloody Mary can help you burn fats, but it is true. Tomato juice will assist you with inflammation processes in your body, and it can shrink your fat cells. Based on some research conducted in the UK, if you drink 11oz of tomato juice for 20 days, you can lower down your weight.


Avocado is one of the most powerful fruits which will help you burn fats; it even has a triple effect. It will boost your metabolism and protect your body from storing down the fats. You can eat avocado in various ways, make salads, dishes or smoothies.

Four Effective Ways To Lose Belly Fat

Four Effective Ways To Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat can be your worst enemy, and it will take you a lot of effort to lose it. Apart from being really bad for your appearance, this type of fat can also cause you some serious health problems. You are at risk of getting type 2 diabetes and some heart diseases. In most cases, losing fats from this area can be extremely difficult, there are still things you can do to reduce its excess, but you need to be very persistent.

Consume a lot of soluble fiber

Soluble fiber is important because it absorbs water and turns it into a gel, making it harder to pass through your body. Most of the research have proven that this type of fiber, promote weight loss, helping you will full, and in addition to this, you will eat less. It can also decrease the number of calories your body takes from food. Furthermore, everyday intake of soluble fibers will help you fight belly fat.

Don’t eat food that has trans fats

When hydrogen is pumped into unsaturated fats, trans fats are created. You can find it in margarine and most spreads, also some packed food can contain trans fats. This type of fat has been connected to inflammation and many serious illnesses and in an increase of abdominal fat. If you want to protect your health and decrease belly fat, you will avoid eating it.

Avoid drinking alcohol too much

Avoid drinking alcohol too muchAlcohol can be highly beneficial in small amounts, but it can be seriously harmful if you drink too much. If you enjoy drinking alcohol excessively, it can lead you to gain a belly fat. Heavy alcohol consummation is one of the reasons why people have fats around their waist. Cutting down the alcohols will reduce the waist size, you don’t have to stop drinking alcohol, just use moderate amounts.

Implement proteins in your diet

If you want to control your weight, then you will start eating a lot of proteins. High protein diet will increase the release of hormone PYY which is responsible for fullness. In this case, your appetite will decrease significantly.

How To Lose Weight Fast – Simple Steps

How To Lose Weight Fast – Simple Steps

There are many ways which can help you reduce your body weight, but most of the will leave you anxious and hungry. If you don’t have a strong will, at some point hunger will overcome, and all your plans will be ruined. Our goal is to help you reduce appetite significantly, lose your weight quickly, without hunger, and improve your metabolism.

Limit intake of sugar and carbs

The most important step in balancing your diet is to stop eating sugar and carbs because they are responsible for most fast in your body. This can be really hard and harsh decisions, especially if you are addicted to sweets as most people. Sugar and carbs increase secretion of insulin, and if you don’t know, insulin is the biggest fat storage hormone in your body. When the level of insulin in your body is low, the body starts burning fats instead of insulin. In this way, you will lower down your body weight more quickly. In the first week, you can expect to lose up to 10 pounds and sometimes more. Bottom line, removing sweets and sugar from your diet, will kill your appetite.

Limit intake of sugar and carbsCombine proteins, fats, and vegetables

Your each meal should involve one protein source, a fat source, and low carb vegetable source. When you combine your diet like this, it will bring your intake of carbs into the recommended range, 20 to 50 grams per day. There are a lot of protein sources in nature, such as different types of meat, fish, and seafood and eggs whish are rich in Omega – 3 acids. These groceries can spike your metabolism by 80 to 100 calories per day. If you use a high protein diet, you can reduce your obsession about food by 60% and even overcome a desire to eat food during the night. With this type of proteins comes the weight loss.

Use resistance workout

Your best option is to hit the gym three times a week. Do some warm up, lift weight and then stretch. By using this type of training, you will burn some additional calories, and the result will be weight loss.

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